Andrew Marshall

Survivor, Smiler, and Songwriter

         At age sixteen, with John Mayer blasting through his headphones, Andrew found himself gazing through hospital windows picturing the next time he would have a chance to sing on stage. Fast forward four years and Andrew is doing exactly that, writing, producing, and performing original music in and around Boston. With a talented crew surrounding him, Andrew’s music has moved from a small acoustic sound to a full band complimenting his unique sound. After three and a half years of chemotherapy, heartache, and discovery, the Leukemia surviving twenty-year-old is defying all expectations and infusing his heart and soul into his own original music. He is eager to play anywhere (and make a fool out of himself if he needs to).

         Starting in coffee shops, Andrew has grown from singing his favorite Mayer covers to opening for touring bands and playing clubs in the Boston area. In 2018, he released a sampling of acoustic original tunes, Letters From Lowell, showcasing his ability in its rawest form. Andrew is gearing up for new releases for the rest of 2019 with another year of lessons and practice under his belt.

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Photograph courtesy of Rita Tinega and VisualMag