In his debut release Andrew Marshall delivers with acoustic love songs that feel like he’s singing to you. The “Letters” reflect on different relationships Marshall has experienced and his genuine feelings and thoughts on each situation.

Beginning with "Give Your Love A Show", Marshall sings of the admiration of a love who doesn't reciprocate, and in the end is the reason for the relationship's demise.

Following the ballad enters "It's Okay" which illustrates a relationship full of "What if's" and questions. Throughout the song Andrew establishes the risk of entering said relationship, but ignoring it knowing that the connection is worth it.

"She's Mine" confesses all the wonderful things about a love. From the way she smiles, to the way her hair looks all messed up. It's the appreciation of another regardless of the situation.

"You're His" describes a familiar situation for many, the lust for someone who is already taken. Marshall sings through these woes by describing his connection with another, but also keeping in mind the reality that he will never be able to act on those feelings.

The EP finishes with a proclamation of love, and the strength to withstand any and every difficulty that may come about. Andrew confesses the connection he has for another, and how valuable it is to connect with someone on that level.

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